AWU Brand Project 2022
This Brand Project has been prepared by Crowdfaction as part
of the Proposal request for the Australian Workers Union.

A little about us..

Crowdfaction was founded in 2019 by Martin Cartwright – Former National Union of Workers – NSW Secretary (5 Years) and Official for the past 22 years.

We are a boutique Digital Marketing Agency that mainly performs work for Unions, ALP, NFP’s and some Small Business projects.  The business was formed to assist organisations to digitally campaign and grow in a modern digital world.

Further details and a full evaluation disclosure is contained in the body of this proposal.

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  • There were two reasons.

    1. Our NSW State Union amalgamated nationally.
    2. I have studied IT and have a particular interest in campaigning and through my time as secretary was able to engage our members in successful campaigns utilising various digital mediums.
  • We were initially contacted and invited by the AWU expressing their interest to various agencies including Crowdfaction as an opportunity to present for this proposal.

    I feel as an agency, we are uniqely placed to deliver successful campaigns no matter who we work or partner with.  Our team and I have a strong understanding of how unions operate, engage with members and what is required as far as marketing and growing their brands. I have also worked closely with various unions including the AWU.

  • In reading the scope of the project we will provide:

    1. Helpdesk support with dedicated project email and direct contact no’s.
    2. Research (Qualitative & Quantitative). Progress & Final Report.
    3. New Branding Style Guides (Documented)
    4. Surveys (Designed & Distributed)
    5. Email Newsletter Communications (AWU Branded to Stakeholders & Members)
    6. Logo Designs
    7. Brand Story (Documented)
    8. Graphic Designs (Digital & Print)
    9. Conference Materials (Flyers & Conference Booklet) Print
    10. Timelines & Schedule (Documented)
    11. Costs Breakdown 


These initial draft logo concepts have been designed to provide the reader with our style and for quality purposes.  These are a contemporary style, fit for purpose across all digital and print media. They feature a modern and minimalist feel. Our final draft styles will convey a minimalist but modern look in keeping with the times and to position the AWU and its brand at the forefront across the movement and in the community.

Slogan / Tagline

The AWU’s current tagline is “Stronger Together.”  Whilst this could continue to be used, consideration should be given to using words that reflect the AWU’s current but emerging demographic and future membership.

The AWU’s key strengths is its membership coverage and capacity to represent members. The AWU is arguably the most diverse union in Australia. The new branding should align with the AWU’s values, diversity and coverage of both existing and new members.

Other considerations:

Succeeding Together” (Reflects results as opposed to current strengths)

“We’ve Got You Covered” (Reflects AWU’s broad and diverse coverage)

“Where Diversity Matters” (Reinforces what the AWU stands for. Resonates particularly for NESB Workers and non-members)

“The Power to Disrupt” (Interfere and disrupt markets)

“Connecting Communities” (Union Outreach in the community)

Storyboards / Get to Know Our Members – Example

We have designed these mockups with fictional names using stock images. The branding purpose is to create snapshots of members including a short ‘blurb’ as well as including their industry sector and respective workplaces.  

By highlighting the AWU’s membership across the many sectors of coverage will enable and is more likely for non union members to join. These quick snapshots can be used across digital mediums including the website, social media and print design.  

They are designed to reinforce the AWU’s broad membership coverage that is a competitive advantage across other unions. These can also be designed with collective members and /or delegates.

Graphic Design Example 

AWU Evaluation Metrics

Online Survey

Our surveys are crafted with pipe logic and styled with visual impact to maximise user engagement and completion rates.  Our online surveys have an excellent participation rate well above industry standards.

Email Newsletters

Our e-News are branded with visual impact and easy to navigate to maximise user engagement.  Our e-news also have an excellent user rate well above industry standards.

Brand Guidelines Manual

The branding guidelines will be supplied in both digital and print form.

This proposal contains confidential and proprietary business information of Crowd Faction Pty Limited. This proposal may be printed or photocopied for use in evaluating the proposed project, but is not to be shared with third parties.