using AI to animate children's drawings

Using AI to Animate Children’s Drawings from META

Using AI to Animate Children’s Drawings from META 1564 874 Crowd Faction

Children draw unique and imaginative characters that require us to think a little differently to recognize the people and things in their pictures. While it can be fairly simple for a parent or teacher to see what a child’s drawing is meant to show, AI struggles with this task because kids’ drawings are often constructed in abstract ways.

Our researchers have developed the first-of-its-kind method for using AI to automatically animate children’s hand-drawn figures of people and humanlike characters (i.e., a character with two arms, two legs, a head, etc.). By uploading drawings to our prototype system, parents and children can watch their drawings become moving characters that dance, skip and jump. And, they can even download a video of their animated drawings to share with friends and family. Parents can also opt in to have their child’s drawing used to continue to teach the AI model.

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