Where is WordPress at today?

Where is WordPress at today? 1920 1080 Crowd Faction

Let’s take a look at where WordPress is at today, where it’s headed, and what we can expect from the world’s most popular CMS in 2022 and beyond.

In 2003, Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg found themselves in a tough spot. The developer of the b2/cafeblog software disappeared, leaving this proto-cms project dormant. Devastated by the loss, Mike and Matt forked the b2/cafeblog source code. They kept the good bits and added improvements, with the first version of WordPress launching in May 2003. They never intended for WordPress to eat the internet — all they wanted was a way to blog that was simple and easy to use. Since then, WordPress has grown to be the leading CMS in the world, with a whopping 76% of global market share (source: Wapalyzer).

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